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Take Instagram-Worthy Photos While Flaunting Your Diamond Jewelry

Take Instagram-Worthy Photos While Flaunting Your Diamond Jewelry

Learn hot to take Instagram-worthy photographs

One of today’s hottest trends is sharing photos on social media. 

Everyone wants you to see their special moment and new purchase or delicious meal they painstakingly made. 

How do you ensure that you get the maximum exposure including likes and comments on your picture of your latest lab-diamond jewelry piece? 

Experts can guide you through taking a worthy photo to flaunt your dazzling jewels. Just like anything in life, photographing diamonds takes practice. 

Achieving a quality photo of a diamond also takes skill, knowledge, talent – and it helps to have a decent camera. It can be challenging to capture the exact beauty of your diamond without knowing some vital information.

Understanding Your Subject Matter

Diamonds are designed to radiate light from every angle. 

They are small, shiny and intricate making them more difficult to grasp than most other subject matters. The reflective property means that it will absorb all other colors, so a white backdrop helps avoid altering the color of the piece.

Whether a professional or amateur photographer, lighting is the key element to make or break a photography session. You don’t want to overexpose your object nor have an overly lit glaring image. 

Diamonds photograph best in soft lighting. Close the shades of any windows, turn the flash off your camera and diffuse the light as best as possible. 

Be careful not to allow light to cast a shadow on your jewelry. 

Mobile phones tend to blow out the highlighted areas of a picture but the trick is to underexpose by tapping on the screen to create a sharp focus on the jewelry and not the sunlight. Also, turn your HDR setting off to avoid an unnatural look and use high resolution to see detail.

Shooting at the right time can result in shadows and light contrasts but the benefit of having perfect lighting will give you a mind-blowing result. Also if you must take a photo outside, gray skies and clouds are excellent because the light spreads out making it easier to edit. 

You can make your diamond have a gorgeous glow and who knows? 

Maybe that shot will be a great influencer on social media.


Professionall photos of you with your diamond jewelry

The perfect dream photo of your diamond jewelry relies on capturing an emotion.

Successful photographs have something the viewer wants to see and evokes a feeling they want to feel. To summon, a wow factor you must consider the overall picture and not just the focus on the center point. 

You can create interest through props around your subject (plus give size relevance) – consider contrast and color – and remember that aligning your subject to not have to crop odd stretches of space makes it more interesting. Most props can be found around your house so keep it simple.

Shapes, Forms, Sparkle

If you know what sets your fashion accessory apart from all the rest, your camera should be able to capture that too. Adjust the angles to expose the details and be mindful of depth, foreground and background, the rule of thirds and symmetry. If you are photographing a necklace or bracelet, be sure it keeps its shape – maybe use a mannequin or model to hold it in place.

While composition is critical, stability is essential as well. Hold your breath or use a tripod or other sturdy stable item to make sure your photo does not come out blurry and editing will be a cinch. Camera shake is any photographer’s worst enemy.

Camera shake is any photographer’s worst enemy.


There are ample software tools available to enhance your photograph whether on your phone or on a computer.

To properly manipulate the image from a beautiful mess to magazine worthy takes extraordinary practice. Lots of trial and error will eventually lead to a stunning visual. Editing the lighting and contrast can showcase the rare and exquisite diamond piece you purchased so the viewer can appreciate its elegance.

Be sure to clean your diamond before you photograph it to avoid having to edit that piece.

Dust and fingerprints tend to make smudge marks difficult to remove in editing. Play with the different features to watch your image morph with extreme settings like exposure, contrast, black point or brilliance.

Final Product

A picture is worth a thousand words but it is harder than it looks to create one you can use right now! Don’t be intimidated by how tricky and frustrating photographing jewelry can be. 

If you are just starting out you will vastly improve once you master consistency and style. Avoid your initial mistakes as you attempt to get the perfect shot and just keep trying.

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