About the Carat Lab

We, at The Carat Lab have a simple motto – to celebrate women! We strive to celebrate the women of today – the smart, chic, and independent women who is on a mission to lead, build, and succeed in any endeavor she chooses too. Our goal at The Carat Lab is to bring luxury to every woman’s doorstep and add a dash of sparkle to her daily routine. We do this by combining our experience and passion for diamonds with science, to bring you jewelry with the highest quality and value that can be worn not to celebrate a special occasion, but just because. We work with the best labs around the world to curate top quality products that are tailored towards the women of today. We take pride in our practice of only working with those who are committed to excellent craftsmanship and ethical principles. Our business model is simple – it’s all about you. We eliminate ourselves of any middleman and we create luxury products that can be enjoyed every day by bringing them straight into the hands of our consumers, for a fraction of the cost.

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