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Why should you buy from TCL?

The Carat Lab was formed keeping the everyday woman in mind. The company is built on serving it’s customers and providing excellent service for women who choose enjoy fine jewelry on an every day basis. Our designs are curated by industry leading designers without paying the luxury prices.

Where is your jewelry made?

All of jewelry is made in the U.S.

What are conflict-free diamonds?

Conflict free diamonds are those that are ethically mined and sold. This means that these diamonds have been limited by the “Kimberly Process” and ensure that the diamonds do not have any connection to terror or opposition groups. Since the diamonds that we use are grown in a lab, we pride ourselves on humane labor practices and effectively eliminate the need to worry about whether your diamonds are conflict free or not.

What are lab grown diamonds?

The lab grown diamond phenomenon offers structurally and chemically identical diamonds, to that of mined diamonds. This allows us to help you create amazing memories at a fraction of the cost.

Are lab grown diamonds the same as cubic zirconia?

No. Lab grown diamonds are 100% real, natural diamonds.

What is a metal type? Why is it important?

Metal types is what your diamonds will nest in. We currently offer all of our jewelry in an array of colors in 10k/14k gold and sterling silver. It is important to understand that so you can an educated decision on what metal suits you best. For information on how to care your pieces, visit our care for your carats page.

Can I make a special request?

Of course! Just email us and we will be happy to help you customize your pieces to the best of our abilities.

What quality of diamonds do you use?

All of our diamonds range G-H in color and VS2-SI1 in clarity.

Payment & Insurance

How do taxes work?

We do not collect any sales taxes for orders placed outside of New York.

Jewelry Insurance

All of our products are shipped with insurance. If you would like help finding an insurance provider for your pieces, please email us.

Do I have to pay additionally for insurance?

Yes. We do not participate in the insurance process.

Payment authentication and safety

In order to combat the evil doers, at the time of payment, we confirm that the address for the cardholder is an exact match. This means that you will need the full and exact address of the cardholder. If you have any issues, please contact us immediately.


How do I track my order?

How long does it take for my order to ship?

The Carat Lab makes every piece to order. This allows us to pay attention to every small detail in the order process. It typically takes us 4-7 business days to ship but can take more or less time depending on the product.

How is my order shipped?

What happens if I never receive the shipment or if it is lost?

Returns and Exchange

How long do I have to return something?

The pieces must be shipped within 30 days from the day you place the order.

How long do I have to exchange something?

We currently do not offer exchanges since all of our products are made to order.

How do I start the return process?

Click here. This page will take you to the return page which will allow you to print the shipping label.

When and how will I receive my refund?

Once we receive the piece, we send it for inspection. If everything is cleared, the refund is generally processed within 4-7 business days.

Until when can I cancel an order?

24 hours from the date of purchase.

Updating Order

How do I update my order details?

If you need a change to your order we ask that you contact us right away. Although we can not guarantee that we accommodate any requests once the order is placed but we certainly try our best too. After all, we are here for you!


How do I know what is my Ring size?

It’s easy! Select an existing ring that fits the finger you intend to wear the ring on. Measure the internal diameter of the ring, in Millimeters. Based on the mm, follow the chart below which will tell you the size.

How do I know what is my chain size?

Simple. The industry works on three common sizes, 14”, 16” and 18”. The 14” chain will sit snug to your neck. The 16” chain will generally sit just at or a little above the collar bone and is the most popular. The 18” chain will sit a little under the collar bone. All of our pendants come with a 16” chain in the respective metal type selected.


Do you have any physical location?

Yes, we do have a physical location in New York.

Can I have some see and try on designs at your location?

Our physical location does not carry any physical inventory that is available on the website, but can be used to come in to get sized, expedited delivery, picking up your order, etc. If you would like to schedule an appointment to visit our office, please email us at