Lab Grown Diamond Rings

Discover our collection of lab-grown diamond rings with the highest quality and value that can be worn not to celebrate a special occasion, but just because.

Lab Grown Diamond Rings

Infinity Rings

Bringing you the infinity ring collection - Experience the quality, class and exquisite designs of unparalleled superiority. 

3 Strand Fashion Diamond Ring- 2 Cttw

Fashion Rings

View our brilliant display of fashion diamond rings. 

Why Buy from The carat Lab?

When we say "Lab Created Diamond Rings", we are not referring to American diamonds or some of the glass diamonds. We are talking about genuine diamonds, which are 99% similar in composition, carat, cut, color, and clarity.

The Lab Diamond Rings are exclusive designs handcrafted to perfection. The diamonds that are made in a lab use the same technique as nature, albeit the process is much faster than naturally available diamonds. 

What does that mean to you, a connoisseur of all things beautiful? It means that you can have the perfect diamond ring, without waiting for ages or having the burden of a blood diamond on your conscience. A diamond ring that's as true as your feelings, one that doesn't burn holes in your pocket either!

Stackable Lab Diamond Rings

Stackable Rings

An exciting new trend in jewelry is stackable rings! It’s often a buildable right hand expression of your style that is appealing because you can adjust your look to fit your personal style.

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Lab diamond Right Hand Rings

Right Hand Rings

Browse our collection of modern and classic right hand rings. 

Lab diamond Two-Stone Rings

Two-Stone Rings

Explore the trendy and unique two-stone diamond ring collection. 

Lab diamond Open Concept Rings

Open Concept Rings

Experience the harmony with our dramatic open concept rings. 

Green Diamond Rings

You can call our lab-created diamond rings- the green rings, because they are ethically produced, ensuring minimum impact on the environment.